I’m here. I’m in a 15th-floor hotel room right in the middle of downtown. A little while ago my Korean colleague gave me a quick tour of the area. We went by palaces, historic gates, 24-hour high-rise shopping centers, museums…. I love exploring new cities. Now that I’m oriented, I’m going to spend the afternoon walking around, visiting some of the palaces we zoomed by.

Then I had breakfast at the hotel. I tried all sorts of things: delightful steamed tofu with a sesame-soy-scallion sauce to dip it in; some kind of spicy rolled-up cabbage; rich sauteed mushrooms; carrot juice; tea; a salad that I think was meant to be Greek (it had feta in it); another salad with asparagus, olives, and baby corn; and one token comfort roll with Brie.


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