I spent most of my day in meetings.  But since that’s boring to talk about, I’ll return to one of my favorite subjects:


I tried something today that was jellied and made of acorns and came in long strips in my bowl.  They gelatinous acorn strips had an nice, nutty flavor, but I couldn’t cope with the texture and mostly ate around them.  Which was fine, because the rest of my lunch was great. Vegetarian enough for Buddhist monks, the dish was a mildly spicy broth sprinkled with shredded carrots, cucumber, seaweed, tiny mushrooms, and other things. I also got tiny bowls of rice and kimchee.  Yum.  I could get used to Korean food.  I think it gets a bad rap.

Then again, there *was* that place in the food court selling pig intestines.  That scared me.

It’s time for dinner.  Hopefully without intestines.

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