Cell Phones

GF on phone, calling back friend:  “Your phone just played Dave Matthews when it was ringing!”

Two weeks ago, that would have astonished me.  Today, I just thought, “Hey, cell phones did that in China, too.”  I’m trying to remember if they did that in Korea as well.

Just over a week ago in Beijing, we were waiting for someone to show up to a meeting.  After talking (or gesturing, really) a uniformed guard into letting us into the building, then wandering around for a distressingly long time in what appeared to be Soviet-era decrepitude, we decided to call her.

I dialed the number from my colleague’s Blackberry, trying to figure out the right combination of country code and zeros and ones and the number.  I waited to hear some pre-recorded Chinese message telling me I was all wrong.  Instead, I heard…
Für Elise.

It turned out she’d gone to pick us up at her hotel, even though we were already in front of her building and had agreed to meet at her office.

But the most interesting part of the whole episode was the phone ringing with a song instead of the usual series of beeps and tones.

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