St. Patrick’s Day

Even though St. Patrick’s actual Day is still a few days away, today they held the annual parade here. Being parade day, our neighborhood was very, uh, festive.

The drunken shouts started in the morning. A couple hours later we discovered that the hallway in our building reeked of alcohol. As a friend pointed out, most of these people already don’t need an excuse to drink. So what’s so exciting about another excuse to drink?

Yesterday, a friend who had to stop by a costume shop reported that people were renting their leprechaun costumes in droves. Since when do people need to wear costumes for St. Patrick’s Day?

From the window we watched a gaggle of girls heading to the bars. One of them, wearing green striped knee socks and a sparkly green bowler hat, lost her hat to the wind – and let it blow across the parking lot, under cars, becoming a shiny piece of litter. Later, as I tried to drive along the edge of downtown, traffic moved at a crawl. People spilled out of bars and loped carelessly across the street without looking. Parking lots overflowed.

On my way home, I watched two older women toddling back to their cars from the parade, wearing glittery green beads over their green overcoats.

I’m wearing black.

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