I get obsessed with songs.

This wouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me, at least on the surface, but let me explain.  (I seem to have this idea that I should explain in detail to the world exactly how strange I can be.)

It can be a song that’s new to me, or one that I’m listening to for the first time in a while.  It can be a song that I’ve listened to a zillion times, but after being one of those tracks on the album that I skip or ignore, it suddenly grabs me.  Sometimes it’s an entire album or a particular-sounding group of songs from an artist.  But once it grabs me, it hangs on tight.  And I let it.

I listen, and I listen again, and then I listen a few times more.  Each time, I listen for new things that I hadn’t noticed before, and I anticipate each delicious moment that I’m already familiar with.  The obsession can last days, and in that time I can listen to a single song dozens and dozens of times.

Eventually, it fades.  These things can’t last.  But they’re so good while they do.

At the risk of posting my musical taste on the internet, my current obsession is “You Were Here,” a song by Sarah Harmer.  (It’s also the name of the album, but I’ve listened to that a lot.  I’ve previously been obsessed with “The Hideout” from that same album.  But I digress.)  I’d never really noticed how the brooding beginning opens up to a more rhythmic, ironic section.  It’s so simple:

I could lie to myself
and say I like it
but I would love it if you were here…

Yet so perfect.

Another frequent object of my obsession is Kris Delmhorst, especially her Moscow Song and Just What I Meant and… ok, I could go on for ages.  Peter Mulvey’s Out Here is another longstanding obsession.  I’ll save the rest for another blog post.  It’ll be a list that I spend a while working on. In the meantime, happy listening to your own musical obsessions.

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