I was right!

OK, not to be a nudnik about my allergies, but I can’t help it. I’ve gone through more tissues today than I have all week. Sure enough, the tree pollen count is listed as VERY HIGH. I don’t know why I keep checking, because obviously it’s very high.  I’m sneezing like a madwoman, constantly sniffling, wrinkling my nose because it itches, and losing my train of thought in meetings because my eyes are distractingly itchy.  I think I need validation: if I’m going to suffer, it had better be for a reason. The reason may be little teeny invisible things that come from trees, but they’re real. And they make me comically sneezy.

Before I realized I had allergies, I used to wonder why I would get a two-month-long cold every spring. One day a little light bulb clicked on over my head: bing! Not a cold: allergies! Allergies to spring, to nice green growing things, to everything that makes spring lovely. Sigh.

It’s gorgeous out and I’m determined to enjoy it, but this really is kind of ridiculous.

There’s sort of a poetic justice in the quantity of trees used to make the tissues that I only need because the trees make me sneezy and sniffly.

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  1. I guess if the trees are going to make you feel uncomfortable there is poetic justice as they play their part in the tissue making industry! I hope you feel better — your blog came up on my feed today as we are having a break out of allergies in my home too.


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