My gf graduated today, and it rocked. She won a big award, received a fancy-schmancy introduction and lots of applause, gave a kick-ass speech, and got more applause. Her mom and I got all farklempt. It was great.

It made me regret, for the first time, missing my own graduation from grad school. I never got one of those nifty hoods that go over your gown. Hell, I never even got my diploma, and now it’s “been destroyed” (according to the university) because I didn’t pick it up in time. See, I did my master’s degree in Canada. I graduated in November, even though I finished all my work in May. By the time graduation rolled around, I was living in New Zealand, so it was kind of impossible to go to graduation. And I didn’t get back to Canada to pick up my diploma for a few years, when I was told that it had been destroyed. At this point it would cost a boat-load of money to get it, and what would I do with a diploma anyway? I’m not the type to hang it on my wall in a tacky frame.

So anyhow, it was graduation day, and it was fun. Plus there are celebratory meals and family festivities. It’s nice to celebrate something happy.

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