Back in Beijing

Here I am!  26 hours, door to door.  (Actual flight time was about 16 hours, but I had a 5-hour layover in Seoul.)  I am very happy to see that this time around, I can log into Tumblr and blog to my heart’s content – although Facebook seems to be blocked, and WordPress is still off limits.

It’s already been interesting, and I mean that in a good way (mostly).  I took my first picture of the trip: of a fascinatingly complicated automated toilet in the Seoul airport.  It had never occurred to me that a toilet could have an intricate control panel.  I mean… it’s a toilet.

Compare that to the Beijing airport, where the stalls are labeled with little diagrams of what you’ll find inside: seat or squat.  It’s nice to have options.  And to know what to expect.  I didn’t take a picture of that, though, because there were other people there who would have thought I was crazy.  (Which may be true.)  At least the other picture was taken in the privacy of my automated stall.

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