Messing with Art

I saw this post today about a blog that re-captions classic works of art. The guy – Steve Melcher – is an Emmy Award-winning comedy writer, and the revised titles really are funny. I mean, just look at today’s post for an example.

The blog reminds me of a book called Art Afterpieces that we had in our house when I was growing up. The author, the cartoonist Ward Kimball, painted little tweaks into classic paintings. Millet’s The Gleaners

were picking up trash as they stooped in the field.

In The Visitationlink,
Kimball played on the title by having a UFO hover in the distance. In a painting of Louis XIV or some other monarch in a voluminous coat, Kimball painted in a few women’s legs peeking out from under the clouds of fabric.


Speaking of messing with art, I’m plotting an art project of my own. It won’t really be satirical; it’s just an idea that I got last summer, and I’ve been inspired to follow through on it. So far I’ve bought a few small canvases and figured out some stencils. And as for the rest, give me a clean paintbrush and a few spare hours, and we’ll see if I can make it work.

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