Yeah, I’m a feminist. Want to make something of it?

The more I wish I didn’t see it, the more I see that women get different treatment in just about every aspect of life.

Take this opening paragraph from the BBC News:

Gunmen have attacked the office of a Western aid agency in north-western Pakistan, killing six people, police and the agency say. The victims, including two women, were all Pakistani nationals.

Why don’t they just say this? “The victims, four men and two women…”

Or this. The other day I was transcribing some letters at work. The writer twice used the phrase “a young woman” but never “young man.” And the fact that I was transcribing letters at all – well, I can’t think of a single male at my level who would be asked to do that, even as a special favor (which this was). Never mind that at my job, the four top guys are all, well, guys.

But my favorite? International Women’s Day, which was this past Monday. Yes, International Women’s Day. Does anyone else find it problematic that women get one day? That approximately half the world’s population gets 1/365 of the recognition time? Other interest groups (and they’re all important – please don’t think I’m knocking any of them) get full months. Even the shortest month is 28 times longer than one day. Who decided that one day is enough to call attention to women’s issues? How is one day enough to read up on multifarious struggles and have an intelligent discussion of solutions? Can we even count how many countries exist in the world in one day, let alone explicate the particular plight of women in each one? In one day?

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  1. Worse yet than getting only one day, that day isn’t even recognized in the popular media. For Black History Month and other recognition times, I see advertisements and specials on TV. For International Women’s Day, all I saw were mentions of it on feminist blogs. Nothing in the mainstream press. Nothing on TV.

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