Alphabet Day

Today I was suddenly reminded of the Sesame Street song “Would You Like to Buy an O?” and happily listened to it for the first time in years. Many years.

Tonight I read a blog post in which the writer decided to travel to countries starting with every letter of the alphabet. By the time she’s thirty. So I’m way behind on the chronology, and I’m skeptical about arbitrary determinants of travel, but I got curious about how many letters of the alphabet my travels have covered. So: I would like to buy an O and start. Or, as I posted on Facebook last summer after crossing the border into Kyrgyzstan: I’d like to buy a vowel. Or whatever.

A – Austria, Australia (if you count four hours in the Sydney airport)

B – Belgium

C – Canada, China, Czech Republic

D – Denmark

E – England (yeah, I know it’s the UK, but I didn’t want E to be empty.)

F – France

G – Germany

H – Holland

I – Italy, Israel

J – (If I’d had my way when I was in Israel, I would have traveled to Jordan. Someday I will.)

K – Kyrgyzstan

L –

M –

N – New Zealand, Nepal (soon!)

O – if we’re spelling countries in their native languages, then I’d put Oesterreich (Austria) here. And Ozbekiston.

P –

Q –

R –

S – South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland

T – Thailand, Turkey (if you count several hours in the Istanbul airport), Tibet (soon! and yes, it’s technically part of China. But.)

U – Uzbekistan, United States of America

V – Vatican City

W, X, Y, Z – not yet.

Of the blank letters that are high on my list of places to go: L for Laos, M for Mongolia, and P for Peru. Qatar and Yemen are probably very cool (not in the literal sense, since they’re in the hot desert), but they’re not high priorities at the moment.

OK, that was fun, in a mildly pointless way.

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