Slow Drive, Long Life

I love trucks in Nepal.

They’re colorful. They’re likely to be decorated with beads, flowers, stickers, and lots of vivid imagery. And most of them have fabulous English phrases painted on them, like:

Slow Drive – Long Life

Speed Control (five minutes on Nepal’s roads, and you’ll realize how ironic this is)

Push Horn, Press Horn, and Horn Please (not ironic at all)

See You (usually on the back of a truck)

Wait for Signal

My Life – My Enjoy

King of the Road

Road Star, Superstar, and Rock Star

My Pride – My Nepal

Good Luck

Smile Family – Happy Family

Dance Music

and some fabulous, more unique ones:

Godzilla Express

Yeti Transport

Night Hunter

Don’t Touch Me OK


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2 responses to “Slow Drive, Long Life

  1. “Don’t Touch Me OK” is going to be my new motto.

  2. you’re determined to keep that “alone” part sacred, then?

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