Months after the March for Equality

Me & my sign. Still can't hear you, Obama.

Back in October, I went to the March for Equality in Washington, DC. One of my favorite things about the march was seeing all the different signs people made. Some were fierce. Some were funny. Some were just plain silly. Most spoke the truth, however they chose to angle it.

I started writing this post months ago. I was motivated to post it because of the 1 for All campaign to highlight the importance of the First Amendment.

Here are some of my favorite signs from the march. All of them were made and carried by people exercising their First Amendment Rights. Like me (pictured at right).

  • Be careful whom you hate – it could be someone you love
  • How does our marriage hurt yours?
  • Less is not equal
  • Let’s have a summit, Mr. President. I’ll bring the beer.
  • Gay marriage killed the dinosaurs
  • How would you like to drive through a state and suddenly not be married?
  • What about our American dream?
  • When do I get to vote on your marriage?
  • I’m missing football for gay rights
  • Always a bridesmaid, never a bride
  • All we are saying is: give queers a chance
  • Save marriage? Ban divorce!
  • I’ll have what you’re having
  • We are Americans, not a wedge issue
  • Can you believe we still have to protest this crap?
  • Where’s our fierce advocate?
  • Someone drew a circle to exclude me – so I drew one bigger to include them.
  • Discrimination is so gay
  • 33 years in love yet legal strangers in the USA. Fed up!
  • I voted for change, not hesitation.
  • In 29 states it’s legal to fire me for being a lesbian.
  • I lost my
    – child
    – job
    – reputation
    for being a lesbian
    thanks to our laws.
  • Homosexuals ask for the right to the pursuit of happiness
  • The only thing gay marriage threatens is bigotry
  • “A right delayed is a right denied.” -MLK
  • Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege
  • I demand the right to marry. Um… any volunteers?
  • Everyone welcome under my chuppah
  • Jim Crow called – he wants DOMA back
  • Preventing my marriage won’t save yours!
  • If marriage is so sacred – ban divorce!
  • Why am I allowed to ruin the sanctity of marriage when my gay brother can’t?
  • Evolution didn’t knock me out – neither can you!
  • Beaten by cops in 1965 – still waiting for equal rights
  • History will record your bigotry
  • Put down the Bible and pick up the Constitution
  • MLK, Jr.: the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice
  • Flew from LA to DC to support my friends’ equality
  • Iowa: Cooler than California since 2009 (t-shirt)
  • We hold these truths to be really frickin’ obvious


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73 responses to “Months after the March for Equality

  1. i’m glad i stumbled on your post. i see the passion and the injustice and it brings tears to my eyes. the world is opening their eyes to the self-evident truths we fight so hard to protect and oppression can’t last against the fight for what is good and right.

  2. Personally, I think we could all do with a little less marriage. Instead of giving everyone the right to marry, we should take away the right from everyone. Throw out the entire concept of marriage.

    Loved the list. Some real creativity went into some of those.

    • I have a better idea! Let’s get rid of language, or maybe just open up the borders for murderers or drug lords or bums!
      Even BETTER! We could just get rid of law- it’s so much easier to do what we want!
      Marriage is important to civilization. What if you loved someone but you couldn’t marry, so every day you would fear that he or she would leave you, even more than you do now.

      • sheikhjahbooty

        This is going to blow your mind.

        Even if you are married, if you continue being a sarcastic jerk, your spouse will still leave you. Married people here in America get divorced half the time.

        What I don’t understand is why our government feels like it can come into our churches and tell them which rituals they are allowed to perform and which rituals are illegal or null and void?

        We have separation of church and state. Get the state out of the churches! Stop issuing marriage licenses and let churches decide who can and cannot marry. States violate the Bill of Rights by issuing marriage licenses or not issuing them, so that progressive churches who would like to marry gay people cannot.

      • savagefox,

        Marriage is overrated, actually. There are *plenty* of non-married people who’ve successfully raised families, contributed quite positively to communities, paid their taxes, and done all manner of other things that have helped make life better, for themselves, their families, their towns, their states, and this country. All marriage is is a) a way of record-keeping for the government for the purposes of taxation and census and b) a way for churches to recognize, according to their particular doctrines, the union of two of its members. That’s it. So… it’s really not all that special.

        And married people cheat on, betray, lie to, leave, assault, and murder their spouses quite a lot. I’m sure even Fox News reports that. One reason marriages go belly up is because the spouses take one another for granted after a while. Yeah, sometimes they get past it, but half the time they don’t, which is why at least 50% of the time marriages fail.

        Those who aren’t married yet are together are often just as happy as those who are married. It’s just that when the break-up occurs, if indeed it does, it’s markedly less expensive, markedly less time-consuming, and while still emotional, less damaging in the long run.

    • Dan

      You have hit the nail on the head, L. You have succinctly (albeit inadvertently) expressed the view and goal of the radical, homosexual movement: changing established moors (i.e., traditional marriage) …to wit, “we should take away the right (of marriage) from everyone [and]… Throw out the entire concept of marriage.” It’s not acceptance these radicals seek, it’s the destruction of traditional marriage. They’re an angry bunch!

  3. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!! Loved some of the signs, very creative. People should just let others BE!! Live & let live!!

  4. <3. See?!!? That is EXACTLY the platform I want to stand on, and the people I want to surround myself with. Words are powerful. Keep putting them out there.

  5. great list. Especially The only thing gay marriage threatens is bigotry

  6. I absolutely loved your post. Though I am not an activist in the movement, I strongly sympathize with the lack of rights that are given to the homosexual community.
    I am from the deep South, so have been brought up to believe completely heinous things about homosexuals, but my opposition is this: If God is so loving to everyone, sinner or not, why aren’t we?
    I support equality. I help those less privileged than I have been. I am a Christian–helping each other is what we are all called to do, no matter the sexual, religious, and racial differences.
    I spread this message and hope that it will be accepted by both sides of the spectrum–homosexual and heterosexual.

    And congrats on being FRESHLY PRESSED!

    • Marriage should be available to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. And some form of legalized domestic partnership should also be available to everyone, for those who choose not to marry but who want some of the benefits that marriage affords. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Dan

      Aproperfool, I too am not into judging people for their sinful behaviors. However, not judging them is not the same as saying that all that they do and practice is ok.

      I guess when you stand before God someday, you will have to answer to Him as to why you (as a “Christian”) knowing “God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death (the Bible’s words, not mine) … also APPROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE THEM (‘vile passions’ – Rom. 1:26-27). Something to think about if you are a Christian and believe the Bible.

      Telling someone that their behavior(s) are wrong because God says it’s wrong is not judgmentalism or hatred (as those who want to do wrong accuse true Christians of having when they point these things out), it’s compassion.

      To tell someone that they are ok with whatever they want to do, and ignoring when God’s Word says such behavior is sinful, wrong and will one day be judged, is not loving. It is cruelty of the highest order. Many in that day who will seek to justify themselves will say, but some “Christians” told me it was ok. And He will answer, “but you disregarded what I said and thought.” I wouldn’t want to be THAT “Christian”.

      • andydbrown

        Amen! Well said!

      • Megs

        Do like your way of putting it a bit more than I hear others. Always seems a sticky place for “Christians” to comment. I am a huge sinner myself. Stinking little whore in God’s eyes. And I drink too much… I suck at being a loving person more than a good 90% of gays and lesbians… But I have to admit, as someone with a lesbian roommate whom I grew to love like a friend and sister, I still do share your opinion…a little…I do want her to find God and God find her etc… I don’t think that God loves me anymore than any gay/lesbian/homosexual/or heterosexual, but I do think we were put here to spur one another on in Christ. I don’t think any of us have it figured out correctly…

        I think some Christians do approach it in a hostile way. They’re the ones who approach even other Christians who mess up in a hostile way (please, don’t judge an infallible God based on fallible people… that’s just dumb).

        But as a true God seeking Christian, I do believe it is our duty to lovingly point each other to Christ and away from our “sins”… All sins…not just homosexuality. Like you said… it’s compassionate to do that.

        BUT! I have had afore mentioned roommate, who did attend church group with me, ask “Is this the church that hates gays?” We tred on a very fine line. Church/God/Christianity is for ALL people… ALL people do need God, but it is not a place for condoning what God sees as wrong…nor is it a place for judgment of one another (regardless of the sin…we get a bit too caught up in the idea of homosexuality (isn’t all sin judged equally in God’s eyes?)).

        I wish we were really more “Christ-like” as “Christians” so we could actually lovingly go about this and direct people to where they needed to be regardless of where they are.

        All that said… really do believe you cannot say what the Bible says unless it says what you said it said… And it says we’re sinful and all in need of repentance … also says marriage is an institution ordained by God between a man and a woman. God’s plan… not some “sick backwards thinking bs”.

      • Some people don’t care what your god says. Similarly, they probably don’t care all that much what you think about how they live their lives.

      • Dan: (Something to think about if you are a Christian and believe the Bible.)

        Question: Which bible do you believe in?

  7. Kudos! A great post. We need more voices like yours to make the changes our country needs.

  8. Thanks for exercising your 1st amendment rights on this topic! I wish I could have been at the march too…

    I posted my thoughts on gay marriage back in March when I faced the dilemma of what to mark on the census regarding me and my partner.

  9. Gays- listen up. Marriage is spiritual and physical. Most religions say marriage is between a man and a women. Human beings laws’ aren’t what keep you apart! God’s laws keep you apart!

  10. Sam

    well, he better be a little apologetic on the Gulf Spill these days. by the way, I fancy your banner, that surely was lots of fun. I like a number of them as well. most of them had lots of sense of humor. As I reading the signs one by one I thought what would happened If the gathering was in my country. I think something like a blood pool, … Still you can enjoy some of your freedoms, don’t you? I know it’s not enough.
    good luck on secuing your liberties, I’m with you.

  11. Good stuff, glad you posted these statements. It should make the ones who want to see the picture from a different viewpoint.

  12. Living in Massachusetts, one of the few states where gay marriage is legal, it’s easy to be complacent. (Now, if only I could find a date …) Thanks for the gentle reminder that the fight’s far from over.

  13. Loved your post, loved the thoughtful and creative signs you listed.

  14. cornucopia

    Great post. Its easy for me to say but keep fighting for it and we’ll eventually get it. Thats how its always been in the past wrt slavery, independence, everything. Marriage should be truly based on love and love alone.

  15. What a great post! Loved reading it! I will definately be stopping back 🙂

  16. I just don’t understand why many people feel so threatened by gay marriage. Marriage has nothing to do with religion, despite what many people think. Marriage is a legal agreement between two parties. Religion doesn’t enter into it at all. So why the holdup in allowing gays and lesbians to legally marry? I don’t get it.

    • Dan

      Marriage has nothing to do with religion? What cave did you crawl out of? Gheeesh!

    • It’s the changing of words that have a majority of people upset. Marriage has been defined throughout history and it’s between one man and one woman. Civil Unions I find is acceptable and I believe gay couples deserve all the benefits awarded to married couples. However, the changing of the definition of marriage is unacceptable.

      I find it ironic that some folks who are pro-gay marriage want to restrict the rights of others while demanding rights based on someone’s sexual orientation.

      Enjoyed reading your article and I’m with you on the 1st Amendment rights and the belief that everyone has a right to speak their mind and express their opinion.

  17. T.

    Just discovered your blog via Freshly Pressed – congrats! Love it….great post. This is a link to a graphic example of the scope of the inequality in this country. It is posted on Rachel Maddow’s blog today. Enraging, sad, and a little scary.

  18. Great signs! Thanks for the post! 🙂

  19. Brad

    Just hop across the border to Canada :). We accept all…and didn’t do any bailouts either (major anyways…).

  20. Jim Hagen

    We shouldn’t restrict who can marry whom, we should restrict who should be allowed to have children.

  21. I just love the third photo down. Great post!

  22. Karin

    Marriage is over rated. Love is what matters. If they don’t stay with you because of a piece of paper, maybe they aren’t the right person for you.

  23. Dan

    Ah yes, spoken like a bitter reject. Who hurt you, Karin? Marriage is about a forever, love-commitment, Karin, not pragmatism or how often you change your underwear! Marriage is where you learn to love.

    • Karin

      No ones hurt me! My husband agrees with me actually. And my husband would surely not stay around if I didn’t change my underwear. A relationship is where you learn about love, love comes in many forms and I’ve probably learned more about love from other relationships than from marriage.

  24. Thanks for all the love!
    And thanks for the links, T. and gumballgirl.

    For those of you against same-sex marriage: I may not agree with you, but I support your right to say what you think. I wrote this post to celebrate First Amendment rights. I’ve approved both the supportive comments and the arguments, because I believe that everyone has a right to be heard.

    By the way, I’m Jewish.

    Timely news: Argentina just legalized same-sex marriage.

  25. Dan, you are a fucking moron. First, what Karin said was entirely unoffensive, and not pertaining to anything that would negate commitment. Pay attention, ‘tardfuck. Second, your comment furthered Karin’s point…it’s not about the piece of paper stating that you’re married- it’s about a love commitment. Pull your head out of your asshole before leaving a comment that, ultimately, argues what you yourself tried to state.

  26. I’m pro gay marriage. As I believe in the seperation of church and state, the freedom to express (an expression of love) and the pursuit of happiness.

    I’m also christian. All I can think of is if God didn’t want some people to be gay, why would he put the thoughts in their head? I don’t want to hear about each person’s burden to carry or whatever. By some people’s reaction you’d think that a person was murdered!

    Mr. Dan, if you’re going around quoting bible and telling people that you’re supposed to personally prosecute the people who do not follow the lord’s law then, why don’t you read up on the ol’ bible where you’re at it. As I recall, it is God’s responsibility to condemn people for their sins and not his children’s.

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:12).”

    I believe that god personally loves gays, I know that I love plenty.

    Great Post! I sincerely hope that gay marriage passes.

    -Aspiringtobesomeone AKA Riles (Coming from a straight christian)

  27. Well written, and extremely creative. I am glad I got a chance to read this.


  28. In time, I imagine that there just might be a movement for ‘universal-equality’ like there was for civil rights in the ’60s.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  29. Great post. Ilike this.

  30. Awesome post! I’m loving it. 🙂

    Cheers, Niconica

  31. Fun and informative. I enjoyed your post and will pass it on!

  32. I think it is a good thing.

  33. It’s right.I’m agree with you.

  34. I love the last colorful photo down. Great post!

  35. Love it. Didn’t realize the truth behind no gay marriage rights until I saw this. Thanks for opening my eyes 🙂

  36. Mark Morgan

    The problem with gay marriage goes back to the argument of church and state. Marriage is a regilious ceremony. As such, the state really has no say in it, or at least it shouldn’t. Marriage is, in a religious view, a pact between two people before God. Marriage in the political arena is a tradition that the government can license, and therefore tax, to earn extra income. To the corporate world, marriage is an institution a company can offer benefits around as a way to entice a more qualified group of individuals to come and work for them.

    However, before corporate America came along and before the Constitution was written, there was marriage in it’s original form, as a religious ceremony.

    I am not an advocate for gay rights. I’m a Christian. In fact, I’m a Sunday School teacher and a Minister. I don’t have a problem with two people of the same sex living together, or at least not so much of one that it compells me to act with hostility towards them. I’ve had gay friends before. I was honest with them about my views concerning their relationship and most of them were honest with me in thinking it was a load of crap. We agreed to disagree and moved on from there. In a perfect world, that’s the way things work. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world.

    My desire to tell others about my belief does not stem from hatred. If I hated homosexuals then the best way I could hurt them would be to remain silent. I believe in Heaven, Hell, and the commandments of God laid down in the Bible after all. If I remained silent, then, according to my belief, I’ve just helped them on their way out of Heaven. The only desire to speak against Homosexuality comes from a want to help others reach the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I don’t endorse the practice because I don’t want anyone to fall short of the mark. Call that bigotry if you will, others have, and I honestly don’t care either way. I’m going to warn people; not hurt them, not cause them physical injury, just warn them. If that offends them, my ready response would be, better to hurt someones feelings in attempt to save their soul than to allow their soul to be lost because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

    A lot of people are going to be upset by that statement, but that’s my position on the matter, for whatever it’s worth.

    That being said, I believe in marriage as a sacrement, and there are many pastors who are afraid their churches will have their tax exempt status revoked if gay marriage is passed and they refuse to preform the ceremony. Likewise, many are afraid they will be fined or go to jail if hate speech laws are written that make calling homosexuality, which we believe to be a sin, a sin.

    Before you scoff, I would like to point out that there have been some heavy prices paid in Canada by Christian ministers for doing much the same thing.

    • DebMoore

      Sorry, Mark, but your initial premise is simply wrong. In this country, from its inception, marriage has been a civil institution. Period. The church is involved ONLY because of the desire of the couple choosing to get married. I know you’re a minister. I come from a long line of ministers, and the simple fact is that you are just plain wrong about that. You may CHOOSE to have your marriage “ordained” by your god, but it doesn’t change the legal validity of the marriage one iota. And, Mark, when you offend me in order to “save my soul” the way YOU think it should happen, then frankly, you have accomplished nothing except offending me. Though I understand the devotion to your evangelical cause (I was steeped in it as a child), it is attitudes of spiritual superiority just like yours that started me on the road away from Christianity many years ago. Stop using the bible as a weapon of judgment. Just love one another, man. Just love one another.

  37. andydbrown

    The only honest banner you listed was the one that read, ”
    “Put down the Bible and pick up the Constitution”.
    Only those who put down their Bibles and refute everything in it could possibly agree with gay marriage.
    A christian who is for gay marriage is an oxymoron. (And moron indeed, if you claim to have read the Bible from cover to cover at least once and still think that God is “okay” with that perversion.)

    • You’re assuming I’m Christian, and I’m not. So your statement about a Christian for gay marriage is entirely irrelevant here.

      Do you follow all the laws in the Bible? Do you refrain from work on the Sabbath? Do you avoid eating pork and shellfish? Or do you care only about certain laws, such as that against men lying with men? And where does it say anything about lesbians?

      If we lived in a country governed by religious law, it would be fine to live our lives by the relevant religious text. But we (I’m assuming here) live in the United States, where the Constitution is the foundation of our laws. In this country, marriage is a civil right, regardless of what your religion may dictate regarding your private life. You may choose to live your life according to your religion, as long as you follow the civil laws of your country. But your religion is yours; my religion is mine; and both of our religions must continue to be kept separate from the state.

  38. Absolutely excellent compilation of signage! Wonderful post! I think I am going to share it with my readers.

  39. Thats a nice compilation. I had thought that probably, I was the only one beating up my wagon around obsolete practices like- Gender Binary system..


    Marriages is another redundant practice that has no sanctity left within the institution..

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  41. Forget Me Nots

    this gave me goosebumps, we all thought obama would bring change, yet he seems to be held back by religion.
    “People should not still have to be doing this, freedom for all (except people who those in power do not like)”- this seems to be the belief of freedom, from what I’ve seen.

    I do believe religion comes into it a lot, I have a real wish to be spiritual but the problem is, people can use it to enforce their own insecurities.

    Thank you for this post.

  42. sayitinasong

    Gays and lesbians shoud have the EXACT same rights as the “mainstream” public- no guestion about it.

  43. I loved the signs’ messages. It’s revitalized my passion to support the movement after having conceded that the gay community will never have equal rights. At least not any time soon.

    Everyone can make a difference.

  44. DebMoore

    Regarding the post: Excellent, marvelous, and highly enjoyable.
    Regarding some of the comments: Wow. Wonder what modern Christianity would look like if the main directive from their purported leader WASN’T “Love one another”? I shudder to think. I’ve seen Andydbrown flaming other similar posts. What a closet case.

  45. theotherwomyn

    I like that first slogan most of all. It says it all.

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  47. Thank you for the beautiful post. It brought an important issue back into the front of my brain… with all that is out there in the media, I think it is SO. KEY. that bloggers like you shout out what they’re passionate about, and force us to revisit things we may have let slip for a little while.

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