Not tonight, dear

Tonight, I skipped an opportunity to hear the Emerson Quartet live.

I love the Emersons. I love the music they were going to play  – especially the Shostakovich 8 and the Debussy quartets. But I needed a night off.

I just got back from the NEA Arts Journalism Institute in classical music and opera. It was fabulous: ten days of learning, listening, writing, workshopping, and talking about music. Lots of concerts, including one night of ballet and two operas. It was also exhausting: long days, overnight reviews, grueling critiques (well, just one was grueling), and somewhere in there, a birthday.

So I’m tired. My brain is full. And my suitcase was full of dirty laundry.  And I’m motivated now to go to New York more often to hear live music that doesn’t come here. So: I’m sorry, gentlemen of the Emerson Quartet. I think you’re fabulous. But tonight wasn’t the night.

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