NaBloPoMo, baby

It’s National Blog Posting Month!

I know how busy and over-ambitious and stuff I can be, and the thought of blogging Every! Day! makes me quake in my large but work-appropriate loafers, but I’m at least going to start off right.

Two years ago I took part in National Novel Writing Month, and I actually typed out over 50,000 words of a crappy but head-clearing novella. I was proud of the fact that I’d written that much – and that I’d written so consistently. I spent a couple of hours at my computer just about every day, and I almost always met my word count. (Even after a week or so, when I realized that I’d calculated wrong and actually needed to write a whole lot more each day than I’d started doing. Yeah, there’s a reason I try not to do math very often.)  The actual content of the novel was pretty iffy, but the plot was the head-clearing part: I had some demons to work out, and I exorcised them, and that was pretty fabulous.

I have no inclination to write a novel right now, since I’m fresh from the fabulous NEA Arts Journalism Institute (link to a great blog post by a fellow participant) and keen to write about music. Which is what I do sometimes on my blog. Which is why I’m excited about NaBloPoMo.

Tonight, I’m off to review a workshop production of three one-act operas in development. I’m going to talk about concerts I go to (I saw the Indigo Girls last week for the first time in, oh, ten years) and shows that I play in (I just finished ten very fun performances over two very full weekends of VaudeVillain, an original musical by A Broken Umbrella Theater Company) and, well, whatever else comes to mind.

And this is my statement that I’m going to do this, damn it.


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4 responses to “NaBloPoMo, baby

  1. Jessica

    Yay yay do it! Solidarity!

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