The most gorgeous moonrise I've ever seen, with a very happy dog playing ball, in southern Maine.

More photos from Maine are here.


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5 responses to “Maine

  1. Jessica

    Was it on Saturday?? The moonrise on Saturday was totally spectacular! Especially the nearly translucent paper moon coming up over East Rock about 4:00, then getting brighter for the next couple hours. Awesome moon weekend!

    • It was on Sunday. The moon was huge and translucent on the horizon. When it rose, it left a white trail on the water, which was reflecting the sky still purple and pink from the sunset. Like this. (The moon was gorgeous on Saturday, too.)

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  3. The color in the tennis ball practically pops out of the picture. Nice contrast.

    Next time, take photos of cats, though.

  4. We didn’t have the cats with us to take photos of. That would have been way too many rings in the circus. Besides, don’t you have your own?

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