Bru-ing photos

I’ve taken photos ever since I’ve had a camera. I developed photos at summer camp but could never get my fill, and once I got home I never had access to a darkroom. Since then, I’ve had a few prints made now and again. I’ve put my favorite shots up on Flickr. But I haven’t really done a whole lot with my photos.

People always say, “You should really do something with your photographs!”

And I always say, “Yeah, I should!”

And then I don’t do anything.

Until a certain awesome pianist came by one day and said, “I was talking about your photographs to the new owners of Bru, where I get coffee every day, and they’re interested in showing them! Drop them a line.” So I did. And they told me to stop by. So I did, and I talked to Lipgloss Crisis, who does lots of awesome stuff with art and other artsy things. And we’re on for my first photography exhibit.

The show opens December 3 and features photographs from my last couple of trips to Central Asia, plus work by Nick Thigpen, Tim Mannle, and Bayardo Caceres. Bru is at 141 Orange Street, near Chapel Street, in New Haven.

A to B Flyer

(In the flyer, designed by Nick Thigpen, the guy on a raft is a photo I took in Yangshuo, China, when I was riding a rented bike long past the point of soreness because I was so drunk on the scenery of steep karst hills, quiet rivers, and bright yellow and green rice fields.)

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  1. This is *awesome* news! You’re in a show!

    Hope this is a sign of many more to come.

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