New Things

It’s only been a three-day week so far, but I’ve done two things I haven’t done before. I helped edit a video, and I hung pictures for my first photo exhibit.

Let’s be clear: I didn’t do the actual, hands-on editing. I sat next to the desk and talked to the guy at the computer with the huge monitor and Final Cut Pro. I’d already watched the original footage until I was close to a stupor, and talked with co-workers about which parts to use, then watched it some more and wrote down all the time codes that we would use. So when I got to the editing studio on Monday, we already have a rough cut. Then we added in B-roll (photos), captions, titles, and music for the intro and the outro. We cut out a few awkward “um”s and pauses. And now we have a brand-new admissions video.

Monday and Tuesday I stayed up late finishing up with framing the photos for my exhibit. On this, the day before Thanksgiving, I’d like to state my gratitude to Metafilter and Google (not Googlez) for my crash course in getting prints made, matting, and framing. And today I showed up at the coffeehouse with three boxes of photographs, and I stared at the remaining wall space that the other photographers hadn’t already used. I took a hammer and a nail (well, several nails and picture hooks) and hung my pictures. I discovered that, as much as I like float frames, your exhibit looks crappy when the wall behind the photo is in desperate need of spackle and paint. I re-discovered that I have no eye for straight lines. And it’s done, ready to go.

So: I am thankful that I have a life full of new experiences, as small as they may be. There’s always something new to learn.

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