It’s the end of November. This is my thirtieth post in thirty days. I have completed National Blog Posting Month (also known as NaBloPoMo, which may be easier to type but really doesn’t roll off the tongue.)

I was lamenting the other day that the quality of my posts had been uneven. Some days, it was all I could do to open the laptop and type something out for the world to see. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to go outside. I wanted to hang out. So on those days, I might tell a little story about my life, or start to explore an idea without carrying it through too far. And I was wondering if it was worth it to have all this content of questionable interest on my blog.

A friend put things back into perspective when she said, “I guess the focus is more on the actual exercise of writing, just getting in the habit of writing regularly, right?” True. It feels great to be in the habit of writing every day, especially while I’m still riding the momentum from the NEA Arts Journalism Institute. And I’ve started to write more about music, which was one of my goals.

One of the great things about getting in the habit of writing is that it also puts you in the habit of thinking about writing. So often, now, I find myself writing down ideas for future blog posts (you know, when I’m not blogging every day and have the time to explore ideas in greater depth). I save links and photos to respond to later. I sketch out topics to research.

So, anyway: if you’ve read even a fraction of my last thirty posts, I salute you. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned even when the grind is no longer daily.

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  1. I am very wise, indeed.

    *So* impressed that you stuck out NaBloPoMo.

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