Baby Birds

I’m back from the Galapagos. It was an amazing trip.

One of the firsts things I did was to start looking through my photos. And I keep finding myself stopped dead in my tracks by the cuteness of baby birds.

I mean, LOOK at this little fluffball. It was making such a racket, pestering its parent. The parent kept pointedly ignoring it. The little bird kept up the racket.

And this. The tiny little blue-footed booby, barely a week old, stretching its tiny little useless wings as its mother preens overhead. And the even tinier sibling, hiding on its mother’s feet.

This Nazca booby, still white and fluffy but starting to grow feathers and stretch its wings.

Three little albatross. Grown-up albatross are sleek, strong, powerful. Once they start flying, they only return to land once a year. But these fuzzy things aren’t flying anywhere yet.

Look at this baby frigatebird. It’s just started to grow feathers on its back, but its head and front are still white fluff. It’ll spend over a year in its nest before it’s able to strike out on its own. (That’s a grown-up male behind, with the black feathers and red throat.)

And then there are the baby TORTOISES. But those will have to wait ’til another day.


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3 responses to “Baby Birds

  1. i just saw your bird photos. so cute!

    we’re having a little animal photo contest at

    the winning photographer gets 50 bucks donated in her name to the animal charity of her choice.

    we’d love to have your birds in the contest!

  2. Jessica

    Naked baby birds!!! They look plucked. so much cute.

  3. I’ve always known you were for the birds.

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