It snowed yesterday and last night. When I went to sleep, snow was blowing in every direction, filling the air with white. I didn’t think it would add up to much.

I didn’t realize how much snow we’d gotten until I pushed open the door to my building and could barely open it wide enough to get through.

The sidewalk hadn’t been shoveled. And the snow came up over my boots and almost to my knees.

So I walked in the road. There weren’t too many cars out. People were just beginning to shovel and snowblow their way out.

As I walked down a plowed main street, I passed all the side streets that hadn’t been plowed yet. One car had managed to make it down the narrow one-way between the parked cars and the heaps of snow from previous storms, but it was blockaded in: the street ended in a pile of snow from a passing plow. There was nowhere for the car to go.

A few blocks later, a mini-plow had actually cleared a block of sidewalk. I climbed over the snowbank at the curb (snow way over my knees!) and saw a policeman shoveling. With an ice pick. A car was trying to get into the parking garage used by jurors and judges and lawyers and other people for the nearby courthouse, and the cop – without a proper shovel – was trying to clear enough snow to let it in. I wonder how long it took.

As I walked, I took some pictures with my questionable little cell phone camera, because everything was too lovely for me not to.

The street, up by where I used to live. There really is a sidewalk between the building and that tree.

A parking meter.

Snow in an open brick gate.

Arched windows and a little tree on campus.

Once I’d gotten to work, stopping briefly at a bakery where I was the day’s first customer, I learned that I didn’t need to come in for almost two more hours. I ran into a colleague on the street, and we were the first ones in the building. When we opened the door,  it made the day’s first mark in the snow on the top step.



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4 responses to “Snow

  1. There’s no business like snow business.

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  3. Snowbody knows the trouble I’ve seen….

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