But I *will* make Cardillac puns.

Because what’s a better response to depravity in opera than to make flippant puns? (Cardillac is pronounced car-dee-yak. Like a cross between a car and a kayak, but different.)

I went up to Boston on Sunday to see the New England premiere of Hindemith’s opera, and damn, why isn’t it performed more often?

In other news, I couldn’t resist titling my reviewCardillac: arresting.” And then my friend and fellow music journalist Chris wrote:

Love your title! (and review). I would have not been able to resist making 4 or 5 more heart attack jokes in the course of a review (“don’t bypass this show!” “Sylvan gave a heart-stopping performance” etc.), which only shows how much more class you possess than me, Ms. Astmann.

It’s really not an issue of class. Sadly, I was so tired when I was writing that it didn’t even occur to me to pepper my review with puns! But my fatigue-induced neglect is your heart-pumping opportunity. Bring on your best cardiac puns in the comments section. And read my review if you feel like it.

And if you’re in Boston, please please please go see the last performance of Cardillac tonight.


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2 responses to “But I *will* make Cardillac puns.

  1. You’re saying I really aorta see this show, huh?

    (That’s all I’ve got. Rough week.)

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