I made it here. Eventually. After a canceled flight and other hijinks. Fes was wonderful/ we stayed in the medina, near the square where craftsmen hammer brass and copper plates by hand and men laze at the cafe. The riads (old houses) and other buildings (medersas, palaces, mosques) are stunning, with layers of deep carving and colored tile and intricately painted wood, and central open-air courtyards planted with bananas, oranges, jasmine, hibiscus, and other leafy lovely things.. Museums hold old weapons and scabbards, ceramics, wedding robes, carpets, urns, teapots, platters, carved doors. This French keyboard is confusing the hell out of me, and I’m off to see Yves St. Laurent’s gardens.
More later.


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2 responses to “Morocco

  1. beth

    DANA! So glad you made it and are enjoying yourself 🙂 Hope to connect on Sunday in NYC!

  2. Just discovered your blog looking for all things Moroccan! I love the name;) and i love the way you captured morocco in that paragraph!

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