Influence, schminfluence.

As  I was just looking at Klout and finding great amusement in its assessment of my online influence.


According to Klout, I am influential about:

  • Music (duh)
  • Homosexuality (hello, gay now!)
  • Photography (yes, I take pictures)
  • Instruments (musical?)
  • Blogging (welcome to my blog!)
  • Family (I have parents and a brother and a sister-in-law and aunts and uncles and cousins, and once I wrote about my family’s Thanksgiving…)
  • War


I’m influential about WAR?

Let’s be honest: it wasn’t me who got Photoshopped out of the Situation Room photo back in May. I am fortunate that my life has been touched by war only in the remotest of ways. I am not in the military. I know very few people who have been in the military.

Two of my grandparents were Holocaust survivors. That accounts for both the war and the family. And I did once admit that “genocide is a perfectly normal conversation topic for my family.”

And I do have a slight obsession with music and war. I could give you a bibliography a mile long. Or at least a kilometer.

But I hardly think that counts as being influential about war.

Care to explain, Klout? Or will I have to pick a fight?

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