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Influence, schminfluence.

As  I was just looking at Klout and finding great amusement in its assessment of my online influence.


According to Klout, I am influential about:

  • Music (duh)
  • Homosexuality (hello, gay now!)
  • Photography (yes, I take pictures)
  • Instruments (musical?)
  • Blogging (welcome to my blog!)
  • Family (I have parents and a brother and a sister-in-law and aunts and uncles and cousins, and once I wrote about my family’s Thanksgiving…)
  • War


I’m influential about WAR? Continue reading


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I went to a webinar on Friday.

I hate webinars. I hate the word “webinar.”

But I gave it a chance. The topic had potential: it was about the use of social media by arts organizations. Which I thought sounded great, since part of my job is handling the social media for an arts organization.

And I realized about a third of the way through that I was just sitting there snarking on it. (Good thing I get along well with the two colleagues who were there watching it with me. And that they agreed with most of what I was saying.)

I was snarking not because I dislike the medium. I’m not a shoot-the-messenger kind of girl. The problem was the content: it was close to useless. Why?

They used statistics with no source and no clarification, so that it wasn’t quite clear what the actual numbers said.

For example, they claimed: “Americans who participate in the arts through technology (the Internet, computers, handheld devices) are three times more likely to attend live arts events and attend a greater variety of genres of live arts events.”

Well, more likely than whom? Than other Americans with equal access to such devices? Than Americans who don’t participate in the arts at all?

Doesn’t it make sense that {people who are interested in the arts} would be interested in both {accessing the arts via technology} and {attending live arts events}?

And they calculated the “average annual value of a Facebook fan” at $136.38. How did they get that figure? I have no idea. Continue reading


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